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  1. wow!! how delicious is this!!

    1. Thank you, Freda! As you know simple ingredients can be so wonderful when the proper baking conditions are available. My new love is baking pizza on the BBQ! Thanks, Hon 🙂

  2. Aufgewacht says:


  3. Wow this looks soooo good!

    1. Thank you, Lynz!! Nothing like a good Italian savory pie 🙂

      1. yes and this looks yummm

  4. Oh my, looks amazing!!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Marisa! The best pizza I ever had was this very same one, but near the Mediterranean in Sicily on the coast…I believe the salt air and ambiance might have contributed to my bias, no? lol!

      1. Lol, maybe just a teeny bit 🙂

  5. Oh you stole my heart, my favorite kinda food lol.😉

    1. Oh these are SO good too! Just a little bit of smokiness from the grill too! Thanks, Hon!

      1. Well I hope you saved me some to sample haha

      2. Always! Thanks, Stephy 🙂

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