May 17th is National Cherry Cobbler Day! Celebrate with Sour Cherries ~Everyday Cheer

I love this cobbler recipe. It gives a crispy topping without using oats (I love oats too, but we have One Who Cannot Eat Oats in the family, so alternate toppings are a nice thing to have in my pocket. I made this one with sour cherries I had in my freezer, but you can […]

via Sour Cherry Cobbler — Everyday Cheer

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  1. Oh my gosh… it, love it, gotta have it! 🍒

    1. haha! Gail! This recipe is almost too simple. The hardest part was finding the sour cherries 🙂 Thanks so much!

  2. Looks delicious! I made red white and blue mini berry trifle.

    1. Thank you! Yours sounds incredible! Love the berry mix you used!

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