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    1. Thank you, Freda! They’re really delicious! Many times I use ground chicken or turkey as a substitute…works well!

    1. Thanks, Lynz! They’re always a hit 🙂

      1. My daughter loves Big Macs!!! She will love this!

      2. I’m really enjoying your daughter, Lynz! She sounds like such a sweetheart! Am I writing your name correctly? Is it Lynn or Lynz? 🙂

      3. Ok my name is just Lynn, but people here call me Lynz as that is the blog name. Feel free to call me Lynn or Lynz! she is quite a dear and loves to make things as you are doing!!! She is a little thin girl but can pack away a big mac and fries!! ha ha

      4. Bless her heart ♥ haha!

      5. lol she is the one who made the breakfast sandwich she had eaten outside and loved it!! It is in the beginning of my posts. I dont know if we were friends yet!

      6. Oh I must find it!! I’ll comment when I do! Would love to see it & her!

      7. ha ha yes it is a spinach breakfast sandwich, then you can see Foof!

      8. I’m looking this moment & will comment! I can’t wait to meet your little one who loves to cook like mommy!!

      9. ha ha well she is 23!!!!! but hey my little one!

      10. haha! They will be our babies until we are 90, Lynn!! I did a search and got turkey croissant & a spinach wrap. I know I’m doing something wrong!

      11. I will put the link for you, yes I agree! babies! https://lynzrealcooking.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=889&action=edit when I put it under recipes I didnt put her picture! see if this works haha

  1. Woooooow so tempting

    1. Thank you, Linda! Oh yes! They’re a nice indulgence from time to time. I really appreciate your comment!!

      1. My pleasure dear Lane 😊

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