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Clam Chowda! That’s how I hear it in my head. We went on an awesome Summer vacation in Maine and I’m not sure which we loved better… the beautiful scenery or the food! Here’s another one of our Maine foodie favorites ~ New England Clam Chowder A hot bowl of this delicious soup with briny […]

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  1. Osyth says:

    One of the things I really miss about living in New England is the chowder but one of the things I don’t miss is clams which I had never eaten and discovered irritatingly I am allergic … no other seafood effects me thus but they made me seasick in that lurking queasy sort of way both times I tried them in Maine and Massachusetts and I had to forgo them thereafter. I would substitute something else though happily …. fish chowder is just delectable!

    1. Isn’t it simply the best? I recently found out that my seafood aversion went poof! So, this was #1 on my list!

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