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  1. Scones are one of my favorite delights. 🍓

    1. What are your thoughts on Prince William & Kate’s choice at their wedding? Lemon lavender…a must try!

      1. That would be heaven! (I wish my lavender would flower!) 🍓

      2. Me too! Maybe they will when the weather cools a bit 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    Interestingly, the British being so snobbish on times, even bring in class differencs with the word – Saying scone as in stone is percieved as lower class, whereas the middle and upper classes usually say it as in gone – scon.
    As for the tea, if you put in the milk first you were considered lower class. It derives from the time when the bottoms of cheap tea cups would break when boiling water was poured on them, so lower class people put the milk in first.
    Obviously certain people had far too much time on their hands to even consider such nonsense.

    1. Such fascinating information, Bill! Leave it to a Brit to know 🙂 I will always remember these and next time I buy a scone out, I’ll ask for scon to see the reaction. Thanks as always!

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