Want to Spice Up Your Weekend? Have a Christmas Leftovers Party!

Too Much Leftover Ham? Make Ham & Bean Soup Packed with Potatoes & Infused with Herbs

Want to Spice Up Your Weekend? Have a Leftovers Party! Plan a Christmas leftovers party for a day or two after the conclusion of the Merry Day to avoid wasted or food gone bad.  Serve the fare in a similar fashion to the holidays, or create a variety of dishes from the leftovers such as chicken pot pie, ham and bean soup or stuffed turkey sandwiches–got any mini rosemary corn muffins left? Yet another use for your Christmas ham & jellied cranberries.

Make, Experiment and choose foods that you find fun and ask family and friends to bring along their leftovers to make the occasion more plentiful!

Tuscan Crock Pot Ham White Bean & Potato Soup with Thyme

tip junkie
Stuffed Turkey Sandwiches…Place sliced turkey, crunchy bacon, tomatoes, crispy lettuce, stuffing & cranberry sauce in between 2 slices of your favorite bread


Laura’s Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

The possibilities are endless!

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