Mother’s Day Breakfast Idea: Incredibly Simple Eggs Benedict with Blender Hollandaise & a little history

  This week we’ve celebrated the wonders of American Fare. Served up today is another U.S culinary phenomenon, Eggs Benedict! Contrary to popular belief Eggs Benedict’s origin is not that of foreign ground. Yep, it’s all American! It even possesses its own National Day, April 16th, which I missed this year. Better late than never, […]

Easter Salad Suggestion:Tuscan Panzanella-Italian Bread Salad

This week we will be exploring the wonders of salad–standalone, sandwich fillers, ethnic-based, potato packed and even an unusual, colorful veggie cornucopia! Today, I’m starting out with an old world,  Italian, family favorite-Panzanella. This fresh, colorful spring and summertime salad offers an incredible and flavorful marriage of tastes–savory, salty, tangy, pungent and sweet. You may […]

13 Valentine Cookies Almost Too Cute to Eat! ~Agatha Chocolats

I may not be a love expert, but logic (or, perhaps it’s my growling stomach) states: The way to the heart is simple…chocolate. . Chocolate Toffee Shortbread Cookies Recipe here by Tutti Dolci Chocolate Heart Sandwich Cookies Recipe here by Cake Ninja Chocolate Stuffed Kiss Cookies Recipe here by The Monday Box Chocolate Strawberry Thumbprint…