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“Leap Year” Isn’t Merely a Hollywood Movie St. Patrick Started the Script!


In the wake of this past February, and the slight fringe of the upcoming Leap Year of February 29, 2016, I’d like to share a fun fact of the correlation of Saint Patrick and the “Leap Year.” According to legend, tiresome of Saint Bridget’s constant complaints about the traditional social mores requiring women to wait for marriage proposals to come their way or forget about the matter entirely, Saint Patrick introduced the practice of allowing women to propose to men on a Leap Year. The reason he didn’t make it an every day occurrence can perhaps be gathered from the fact that on the very next Leap Year he found himself on the receiving end of a proposal from St. Bridget herself! So, in retrospect, for all of you confirmed bachelors at present, you can now sigh a sigh of relief for a little less than 2 years!

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