Parker House Rolls: The Original Buttery Boston Hotel Recipe


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  1. I love parker house rolls yumm. Grama Elva always made them! Thanks for the recipe Lana!

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    1. You’re so welcome, Lynn! What a blessing to have such wonderful memories! I’m now a fan of Grama Elva too 🙂 Thanks again

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      1. ha ha I need to do her Swedish cinnamon rolls soon!

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  2. This is where I had my wedding reception! They are also known for the Boston cream pie.

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    1. Oh how fabulous! What an amazing place to have a wedding reception! I can only imagine how lovely your wedding photos are!!

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  3. Hello Friends! I am currently in the process of revamping my blog (biting nails nervously) If you’re having problems viewing the Parker House recipe, please click on the link under the “likes” above IT works! Signed Lana aka the blind leading the blind…help! 🙂


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