How fitting is this for French week!? Thank you for the lovely photos & sharing your wonderful adventure, Jean!!

White House Red Door

Bonjour! Several years ago, for a significant birthday, my husband gifted me with a Patricia Wells cooking class- to be used when I felt the time was right. My kids were much younger and I couldn’t imagine leaving for a week, let alone going abroad without them. Fast forward to a Christmas party circa 2014, and a dear friend and I were chatting about our favorite subjects… food, cooking, and traveling. I mentioned that I had this cooking class and asked if she’d like go with me. With gleam in our eyes, we turned to our husbands and shared the wonderful idea… Joanne and I wanted to go to Paris for a week. On our own.  Reminder- we’re at a Christmas party where everyone is full of spirit(!) and cheer. The answer they gave was a resounding and supportive, “Yes!”

Eiffel Tower at night View of the Eiffel Tower from our apartment.

A few days later, back in the real…

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  1. Oh how appropriate Lana! I can’t wait to see more of Jean’s photos!

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn! Jean utilized her amazing gift to a T!!

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