Back to School White Bean Chicken Chili Verde — …..and a sprinkle of love

Phew, we made it to day 5! Surviving that first week back to school is an admirable feat…so pat yourself on the back. Today I am sharing one of our favorites. We have been making this for years and it has earned its place in my tried and true recipe binder. Thank you for sticking […]

via Back to School White Bean Chicken Chili Verde — …..and a sprinkle of love


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  1. Osyth says:

    That’s a big fat yum from me and on the list for the visit of my youngest daughter starting next week …. not back to school until the end of September for her (University) but I know she will gobble this up with gusto!

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    1. Oh me too, Osyth! I adore beans, but as a young girl would never admit it! Not certain of my rationale was back then, other than maybe not wanting to appear less ladylike due to the “beans beans” rhyme lol! 🙂 BEAN!! Is this how she got her name? Your love of them? And how is it that you, young lady, have a daughter old enough for college?? Your youth shines through. As my hubby would say “laughter and levity keeps one young.” xoxo ♥

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      1. Osyth says:

        That’s so sweet …. Loving a food but not wanting to admit it and I’ll bet it was that sing … I was stoic and ignored it and convinced myself it wasn’t true! The Bean was originally and briefly named BiBi and one of my daughters friends who misunderstood asked what BB stood for so I said ‘Baked Bean’ (beans are clearly never far from my thoughts) and it stuck and quickly morphed into just Bean or more formally The Bean ☺️ Your husband is SO right … I like his expression very much. My girls are 29, 26, 23 and 21 …. And they keep the laughter and levity flowing 💖


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