10-Minute Promiscuous Spaghetti with Capers (What’s in the kitchen today #1)

Gorgeous Simple 10 Minute Pasta Offered by ForayIntoFood!

Foray Into Food


Don’t you love the feeling when you walk into the kitchen with no idea of what you’re making, and lo and behold! A yummy spaghetti that you only figure out you were cooking after you completed cooking it.


This promiscuous spaghetti recipe was inspired by a bunch of fresh basil that was drooping pitifully in my refrigerator, about to go bad. I cut it up into tiny pieces and threw it in with the last few remaining items in the kitchen, spaghetti (grocery day coming up). And then, because its a promiscuous spaghetti and doesn’t abide by rules, it commanded a bunch of hodge-podge ingredients which traditional spaghetti wouldn’t perhaps mix together. Which was a handful of capers and sun-dried tomatoes and lots of chili flakes and lots of feta. Doesn’t that sound deeeelicious? My husband was a huge fan, and he’s a real-life spaghetti connoisseur!

I realized I enjoy cooking like this a lot, so I’m going to make this a…

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  1. Osyth says:

    Promiscuous Spaghetti should be the name of a restaurant! Irresistible

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    1. I agree, Osyth! Indiscriminate pasta rules! lol ♥

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