Celebrate National Brown Bag Day with Crispy Double Dipped Fried Chicken! ~It’s a T-Sweets Day

Good Morning!! I am back from a fantastic trip to the Caribbean! But I will write about that tomorrow because today is the 2nd Monday of the month which means it is FANTASTIC Bake-Along time!! Yea:)!! Why don’t you join us? This month I thought it would be fun to try something savory […] via Fantastic…

Mother’s Day Breakfast Idea: Incredibly Simple Eggs Benedict with Blender Hollandaise & a little history

  This week we’ve celebrated the wonders of American Fare. Served up today is another U.S culinary phenomenon, Eggs Benedict! Contrary to popular belief Eggs Benedict’s origin is not that of foreign ground. Yep, it’s all American! It even possesses its own National Day, April 16th, which I missed this year. Better late than never, […]