Celebrate National Brown Bag Day with Crispy Double Dipped Fried Chicken! ~It’s a T-Sweets Day

Good Morning!! I am back from a fantastic trip to the Caribbean! But I will write about that tomorrow because today is the 2nd Monday of the month which means it is FANTASTIC Bake-Along time!! Yea:)!! Why don’t you join us? This month I thought it would be fun to try something savory […] via Fantastic…

One-Pan Garlic Chicken & Roasted Vegetables; Clean Eating, Whole 30 & Paleo ~ Scones & Patron

Looking for a healthy, colorful lunch or dinner? Look no further than this one-pan garlic chicken and roasted vegetable dish! A rainbow of veggies are chopped and roasted in a blend of seasonings along with fresh chicken breast. Ready in just 40 minutes! via One-Pan Garlic Chicken and Roasted Vegetables — Scones and Patron