Leap Castle of Ireland: The MOST Haunted in the World!


Perhaps the most haunted castle in Ireland is “Leap Castle” and according to legend was built on a Druidic site.

The O’Carroll family once lived here, and they were vicious murderers, who would throw the bodies of their victims down a hole in the wall called an “oubilette.” There is a small windowless room below the oubilette that was the final resting place for countless numbers of victims who were originally put in the hidden dungeon. The room had a drop floor, where prisoners were pushed into the room where they fell to their deaths. Most of the time they were killed by falling on spikes that were sticking out below or death by starvation if they missed them!

One day, one of the O’Carroll’s murdered his own brother who was a priest. The reason behind this was that he had started the mass that day too promptly. Due to this, the top floor of the castle is referred to as the “Bloody Chapel.”

Around the year 1900, workers that were hired to clean the room found hundreds of human skeletons that were piled on top of each other. By the end of the cleaning, three cartloads of skeletons had been used to take everything out. Some of these skeletons are believed to be that of Scottish mercenaries that were hired by O’Carroll to kill for them, but when the time came for their payment, they would be killed themselves. Among the skeletons, the workers also found a pocket watch from the 1840s, which may hint that this room was still in use up until the mid 19th century. In 1659, the O’Carroll family gave ownership of the castle to the Darby family through marriage. The Darby’s turned Leap Castle into their home and made vast improvements on the structure.

If the above isn’t enough to chill your bones, Leap Castle is said to be haunted by an Elemental, a dark evil creature about the size of a sheep that has a human face and black pools for eyes. It’s said to smell of rotting flesh. This malodorous spirit is believed to be a terrifying and evil one, indeed! It is also said to be dangerous because of its unpredictability.

Having read the above, don’t you agree that Leap Castle is a great place to go for a ghost hunting trip during your next visit to the “Emerald Isle?” A sure way “to put the heart crossways, I tell ya!”


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  1. dawn howard says:

    would love to go visit


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