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“Milo” By Artist Illustrator Pamela Jaffe-Cohen



by Artist Illustrator Pamela Jaffe-Cohen

Today, I would like to welcome Pamela to the Once Upon a Spice Family! She is currently creating our Logo and will become the official Illustrator for the “Once Upon a Spice” cookbook!  The subject of this stunning work of art, created by my dear friend Pamela, is our little boy and light of our life Milo. An angel brought him to us in January 2013 when he was not quite 2 months old. She was desperate to find him a forever home and we happily welcomed him into our hearts, forever. Thank you and God Bless you, Haze!

Please click on the link to view her incredible displays of  “Life turned into Art ”

Artist and Illustrator Pamela Jaffe-Cohen

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3 thoughts on ““Milo” By Artist Illustrator Pamela Jaffe-Cohen”

  • WOW!!!!!!!I    Guess that I have to practice my painting, everyone is better than me.To paint an animal is rough, but to put hair on it, is next to impossible, especially for me. Maybe I’ll stick to cooking. lol 

    • She’s wonderful, Paul as you can see! She’s a great cook too 😉 You don’t give yourself much credit, my friend! Your work is super too…it’s just difficult to compare Picasso to Rembrandt! Both were equally great just apples and oranges! Thanks for your post!

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