Quote of the Day Challenge–Day 2

Recently, I was nominated and challenged by my dear friend Lynne from LynnesRecipeTrails to participate in the Three Day Quote Challenge. Thank you, Lynne! If you haven’t already, please pop on over to her lovely blog! Quote Challenge Day 2…”The Inner Child Emerging” A Tribute to Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a…

“Mama Carmela”

This is a vintage, 1945, wedding photograph of my lovely Mama Carmela–the inspiration behind “Once Upon a Spice.” Today would have been her 93rd birthday. My blog is dedicated to her and her passionate love of family and cooking. This strong, sweet, intelligent, loving, Italian woman ignited my culinary enthusiasm at the tender age of…

Some Favorite Foods of Famous, and Infamous, People by Ken Bayliss Co-Author of The “Once Upon a Spice” Cookbook Series!

They say we are what we eat, yet if you look at what some famous people ate, you would wonder. For instance, Charlie Chaplin had a very difficult childhood and ended up famous and very rich. Yet one of his favorite foods was tripe, the stomach of a cow. Not only that but tripe stinks….

“TV Chefs Then and Now” a Short Overview (Who Knew??) by Ken Bayliss Co-Author of the “Once Upon a Spice” Cookbook

Watching TV chefs can be like being in awe of a clever neighbor with whom we have become attached. We almost long for their views, ideas and even find their mannerisms appealing. They give us secrets, advice and chastize us when we cook slightly wrong. Then, without realizing it, they change our eating habits for…

“Wave to the Printer” by Jackson Stones The future of cooking? PRINT your dinner?

“Wave to the Printer” Jackson Stones At this very moment in the history of cooking there lurks a strange object that could change the world. 3D printing awaits the unsuspecting in their kitchen. Some have heard of it, most ignore it, whilst purists fear it’s the Devil’s Spawn and will ruin the world of cooking….