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Culinary Reflections “Travels Through Christmas” by Jackson Stones

Culinary Reflections “Travels Through Christmas” by  Jackson Stones
Milan's Cathedral made-in-italy
Milan’s Cathedral photo source:made-in-italy

“Travels Through Christmas”

by Jackson Stones

Through my work and holidays I have been lucky to have traveled to many countries. Some of these were during the Christmas period, so I thought of recalling some of those memories here. I remember some of the Christmas dinners, yet as I was writing this I noticed how many involved turkey.  See how many turkey dinners you can find!

Bruges's Christmas Market Belgium PSmashables
Bruges’s Christmas Market Belgium photo source:mashables

Belgium…Oven roasted pork or lamb or maybe even over a spit. This can be served with a salad and a spinach and cheese pie. For dessert Baklava.

Canada PS van-outreach
Canadian Christmas Dinner photo source:van-outreach

Canada…Roast turkey, winter vegetables followed by either/and or Christmas pudding, or Pumpkin pie for dessert.

copenhagen-market Tivoli Gardens
Copenhagen Market Tivoli Gardens

Denmark…Either pork, roast duck or even goose. This is served with red cabbage, beetroot, sweet and/or boiled potatoes, plus some cranberry sauce. For dessert a rice pudding with almonds and, the lucky recipient of the one and only whole almond, gets a marzipan pig.

France PS sweetjourneyofinspiration
French Chrisrmas Dinner photo source:sweetjourneyofinspiration

France…Either roast goose, venison or turkey with chestnuts, plus oysters, foie gras and various cheeses . For dessert a chocolate log made of sponge cake.

frankfurt-christmas Germany PS Mashables
Frankfurt Christmas Germany photo source:mashables

Germany…Goose is popular as well as carp (fish) for dinner, plus various winter vegetables. For dessert they like to eat stollen, a sort of yeast fruit bread with white powdery icing on top.

Ireland PS cravejujour
Irish Christmas Dinner photo source:cravejujour

Ireland…Spiced beef, cooked with spices then pressed, and/or turkey along with winter vegetables. For their dessert Christmas pudding and/or Christmas cake fruit filled cake with marzipan and white icing.

Malta street decorations PS excelsior
Malta Street Decorations photo source:excelsior

Malta…Roast chicken or turkey with winter vegetables and potatoes, Dessert is mostly Christmas pudding and mince pies.

New Zealand christmasdinnerrestre
Christmas Dinner in New Zealand photo source:christmasdinnerrestre

New Zealand…It’s high summer down there at Christmas so, either an outside barbecue of venison/ham and fish with shrimp or, a sit down with roast lamb, or chicken plus potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and also pumpkin. For dessert often meringues, pavlova or ice cream.

Spain toros
Spanish Christmas Dinner photo source:toros

Spain…Different regions have slightly different foods, so e.g. in the north west they have seafood like lobster, small crabs and shellfish, baked bream (fish). Popular now is roast turkey stuffed with truffles, or ham plus various vegetables like bell peppers and asparagus. All with Cava, a sort of champagne. For dessert a selection of cakes.

Christmas Dinner in the United Kingdom

UK…Roast turkey along with roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots and peas plus pigs in a blanket (chipolata sausages covered in bacon) stuffing served with turkey gravy, or a bread/cranberry sauce. For dessert Christmas pudding, mince pies and chocolates.

prime-rib...biritemarket US
Christmas Dinner in the United States photo source:biritemarket

USA…It varies slightly with the regions, but mostly turkey, or ham with mash potatoes, a green bean salad and other available vegetables. For dessert, again many variations but steamed pudding, Cheesecake or trifle.




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