Some Favorite Foods of Famous, and Infamous, People by Ken Bayliss Co-Author of The “Once Upon a Spice” Cookbook Series!


They say we are what we eat, yet if you look at what some famous people ate, you would wonder.

For instance, Charlie Chaplin had a very difficult childhood and ended up famous and very rich. Yet one of his favorite foods was tripe, the stomach of a cow. Not only that but tripe stinks.

Then there is Howard Winstone, a World Featherweight boxing champion. He trained hard and could have any food indulgence he desired. His favorite was dipping biscuits in his tea.

Hitler on the other hand loved Baklava. Though his other vice was reckoned to have been an over indulgence of chocolate. Some reckon it was up to seven pounds of it a day.

And who would have thought St. Francis of Assisi of all people, indulged in the medieval equivalent of KFC! Fried chicken legs were his favorite.

So, are we what we eat? Check out some famous people below and see what you think.



Charlie Sheen, Actor – Salad leaves

Marilyn Monroe, Actress – Steak

Tom Hanks, Actor – Boston Baked Beans

Charlie Chaplin, Actor – Stewed Tripe


Miley Cyrus, Singer – Twix

Taylor Swift, Singer – Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Frank Sinatra, Singer – Fried Calamari

Elvis Presley, Singer – Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwiches

photo source: emeraldninja


Joseph Stalin, Soviet Dictator – Harcho, a spicy Georgian meat soup

Adolf Hitler, German Fuhrer – Baklava

Saddam Hussein, Iraqi Dictator – Doritos

Kim Jong Un, North Korean Dictator – Emmental Cheese


Elected Leaders

Winston Churchill, UK Prime Minister – Roast Beef

Barack Obama, US President – Chilli

George Bush, US President – Huevos Rancheros

Bill Clinton, US President – Burgers


Kelly Rulon, Water Polo – Tacos

Howard Winstone, Boxer – Biscuits

Dara Torres, Swimmer – Green Salad

Kip Keino, Marathon Runner – Animal Blood


Holy People

St. Francis of Assisi, Monk – Fried Chicken Legs

St. Gregory the Great, Pope – Cherries

Pious II, Pope – Cacio Cheese

Mother Teresa, Nun – Lentils






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  1. koolaidmoms says:

    How very interesting. I would have thought I would have seen more desserts and creamy, heavy dishes.

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    1. I know, right?! Most all are a bit surprising! Thanks a bunch for reading!!

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  2. agenda19892010 says:

    Happiness to you by Rinaldo 🌻

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    1. e tanta felicità per voi, Rinaldo!

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      1. agenda19892010 says:


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    1. Thanks, Lynn! Most of the favorites are fairly normal, but Kip Keino takes the cake! 🙂

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