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  1. Cinnamon is the silent spice that mysteriously changes the taste of food. Love it! 🍓

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    1. Thank you, Gail! Agreed! Your words make it sound that much more magical. Thanks a bunch!

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  2. Wow this sounds amazing! Very different yumm

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    1. Thank you, Lynz! I thought of you & your love of spices too when posting this!

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      1. yumm sounds so good!

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  3. folkbird says:

    that looks so good! i’ve been swooning over autumn things lately and this meal seems so cozy 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Oh yes, I love cooking just a little bit more when the weather starts to Autumn up 🙂 This is so perfect for this time of year. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment!

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  4. Bill says:

    Never having tried meatloaf, nor ever seen it outside of the US, I looked it up. Wow, was I surprised! It is in roughly 27 countries with meatloaf, or a variation of it, from Austria to Mongolia and down to Vietnam. Worse, for my self-proclaimed knowledge of observation, there are two in the UK. Haslet from the eastern part of England comes from the French for entrails, but their recipe calls for pork. The other in Wales, on the opposite of the UK, is made of minced potatoes, pigs liver and onions. Who knew! I certainly didn’t. Thanks Lana.

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    1. Hi Bill! I see that us American’s have tamed the recipe down a bit! Always love the plethora of info you provide! Cheers!


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