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    1. Thank you, Lynz! It seems to make so many foods taste that much better 🙂

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  1. chef mimi says:

    An interesting product! You used it in so many lovely ways. Is it just a balsamic vinegar reduction?

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    1. Hi Mimi! Thank you! Yes! It’s simply good quality balsamic vinegar simmered down until it’s thick & rich. I’ve made it several times & the flavor is less metallic tasting than some store-bought. Thank you for the follow! I look forward to experiencing your wonderful offerings as well! Lana


  2. Love this type of Balsamic vinegar! It’s so versatile.
    I sometimes use it with pomegranate syrup, which is also a reduction of pomegranate juice. It’s a great combination, especially for Caprese salad.

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    1. Pomegranate reduction sounds incredible! Looking forward to giving it a try!! Sweet and savory tastes together are so satisfyingly! Thanks so much for the fabulous suggestion!

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      1. Yes, it’s a wonderful ingredient and works so well with Balsamic vinegar.

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      2. I love the combo…thank you very much for the suggestion!

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