Southwest Summer Chop with Chipotle Dressing

Here’s a Fabulous Southwest Salad Served Up by my friend Melissa at NourishedPeach!! What a way to kick off our “30 Friends of Summer” Posts! Thanks, Melissa!!!

SONY DSCOh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! This salad? Life changing…prepare yourself.

You know I love myself a good chop chop. All the bits in one bite. But this salad right here is off the charts. Like, call the bomb squad, friends.


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  1. Anna says:

    This looks fabulous!

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    1. Thank you, Anna! Isn’t it wonderful?? Melissa did an amazing job!

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  2. I feel honored! So kind if you to share…thank you friend!

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    1. Aww! The pleasure is all mine, Melissa! What a lovely salad you’ve created! It was very popular on my Facebook page too! Thanks so much for sharing!

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