Thai Massaman Curry

An Incredible Classic Chicken Dish Offered by my Friend Archana of MinistryOfCurry. Thai Massaman Curry is SO Delicious, Archana!! Thank you for the lovely photos & recipe!

Ministry Of Curry


We love Thai food. Probably because of its similarities to Indian food… the spicy curries, the coconut, the fragrant rice. Today’s Thai recipe dates back to Christmas 2008 when we visited our friends, Punitha and Winston, in Atlanta. It was our first time meeting Punitha and boy did she spoil us with her delicious cooking!! On the last day of our stay she made an amazing Thai meal featuring her massaman curry recipe and I’ve been making her recipe ever since. It always comes out perfect and is eaten up in no-time! My boys love it. This is a quick weeknight recipe that can be served with some steamed Jasmine rice.

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  1. Jasmine S. says:

    Looks delicious!! Massman curry is one of my favorite thai dishes!

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    1. Thais is so full & rich in flavor! We agree again, Jasmine!


  2. Love Thai food, love Massman Curry 🙂

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    1. Oh me too, Lynne! It packs an intense flavor punch!

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  3. Love Massaman Curry and this looks so good!!

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