Taco Tuesday: Pork Carnitas

Always Fabulous Fare From Sisters Linda & Heidi! Pork Carnitas to Please the Palate!

Fabulous Fare Sisters

Pork Carnitas Pork Carnitas

I know, I know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I should be posting something I’m going to make for Thanksgiving but in my house it’s Taco Tuesday! My favorite day of the month and I just can’t help myself!! This is the time when I get to experiment with different flavors of tacos. On tonight’s menu are Pork Carnitas. Traditionally, Pork Carnitas are made with heavy cuts of pork such as shoulder or butt that are well seasoned and braised for several hours, then pulled apart. But today’s Pork Carnitas cook much quicker and are still just as delicious. Seasoned ground pork does its job well in these tasty tacos…A very quick and tasty meal today since Thursday we’ll be on our feet all day cooking…

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  1. Hey, it’s Friday LOL! I love pork carnitas. xoxo

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    1. Haha! Kathryn! There are so many days in a week that I sometimes lose count! lol! Oh me too & this is a wonderful recipe! xoxo

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