“Allea” Pastel Portraits by Pamela Jaffe

“Allea” Portrait by Pastel Artist and Illustrator Pamela Jaffe
Photograph of Allea

This is “Allea” One of many stunning offerings by portrait artist and Illustrator, Pamela Jaffe. Pamela created the official portrait for Once Upon a Spice and is currently working with Chef Lana to create the illustrations for our upcoming cookbook!

Once Upon a Spice Official Portrait

Turn a photo of your beloved pet or loved one into a work of art, by pastel artist, Pamela Jaffe. Prices for her pet portraits start at just $295. Guaranteed to capture your pet’s likeness, personality, and spirit!

Please check out her exquisite work and within no time, you can permanently capture a loved ones precious moment in time. www.PamelaJaffePortraits.com





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