Cioccolato e Caramello Gelato Affogato


What a big name for such a simple decadent treat. Serve this as a dinner aperitif—one won’t spoil your appetite. As an after dinner treat in place of dessert. Or anytime you wish to experience the harmonious blend of coffee, cream and chocolate. Let your imagination run wild with the additions: Kahlua, chocolate fudge, sprinkles, Frangelico, caramel sauce…


1 pint premium vanilla or any flavor of good quality ice cream, for the photo I used salted chocolate caramel.

4 shots hot espresso, unsweetened


For each serving, place 2 scoops of ice cream into a glass. Pour the hot espresso over the ice cream and serve immediately before the ice cream melts.


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    Save the Leftover Espresso! Creamy Buttery Refreshing & Amazing!

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