How Many Cups in a Gallon? How Do I Go Gluten Free? Ready to Convert? Conversion Charts 411 & 101


I began today’s offering with a noble intent; to help all of you reading take the guess work out of your cooking adventures. How many times have you wondered how many teaspoons were in a tablespoon? Or quarts in a gallon? Is my baking pan the right size? The charts are endless, but necessary when your mind starts to wonder while attempting to cook in your kitchen. Let’s remove a few stresses, shall we?

 Are Your Tools the Right Size?


 Are You Measuring Up?


Do You Need to Delete Wheat?


At first I believed my task would be easy—then I started my search for you. Let me simply say that, “conversion charts are many” You may want to print these out individually so you can turn them into decorations for your frig. Let’s start here and remove some of the guesswork. More to come–yes, there are MORE 🙂


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