How to Make an Italian Soda: il Tutto Frutto–Real Tutti Frutti in a Tall Icy Glass

Italian Sodas
Lime, Strawberry & Orange Cream…

If you’ve never had an Italian Soda, sit tight, you’re about to discover how to own a creamy, rich and refreshing one of a kind experience. They’re fast, fun and even portable!  Just follow the signs below and you’ll soon find your self in “malt shop land,” but in your own abode sipping one in front of your computer searching for more Italian soda recipes 🙂

“Torani” The Beginning…

Torani is one of many Italian syrup companies that are the basis or beginning of your in-home malt shop madness…

The Assemble…

Formula: It’s SIMPLY Delicious! Want to make an adult version? Are you asking yourself  “HOW CAN I INCORPORATE ALCOHOL IN THIS?” Easy! Add Vodka! Low carbing? Add sugar-free syrups (yes, they make them) add almond or coconut milk in place of cream. Pick your ingredients, grab a tall icy glass, use the formula above, sit back, relax and sip your way into heaven in a glass…



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