The Fast Food of Italy: #1 Ranked Friggitoria Vomero!



In Naples, Friggitoria Vomero is a small corner shop near the shopping district of Chiaia that sells some of the finest fried food in Naples. From deep-fried stuffed calzones to puffy, cheesy arancini to frittatine da maccheroni (fried pasta and egg), this is a great place to grab a quick, cheap snack or take-out lunch.

You will also find crispy, golden meat & cheese filled croquettes that cost a mere 20 cents a piece, 1 €. Croquettes of rice and cheese the same. You’ll pay € 1.50 (50 cents) for fried pizza, ones with fresh sliced tomatoes and ricotta, ditto. Hand made potato croquettes—tater tots to the max! They use a secret blend of oils that bring these delicious, golden gems their spot on, signature flavor. During your visit, do not miss the pizza with ricotta—a smoky, creamy gift from heaven! Mickey D’s, sorry, but in my opinion, to compete with these immense Italian flavors, you don’t stand a chance!

Small Fire Grilled Pizza

This is a small pizza: about the size of an LP record (hey, remember those?). Its costs € 1.50 euro: cheap cheap cheap. They serve several pizzas already made or made to order. This luscious, lovely pie costs a measly 50 cents and is a bargain for a freshly-made pizza in any country!

This is a fantastic pizza, people: a real taste from the pizza mothership! The crust is soft and floppy and slightly charred underneath. It needs to be floppy, because you have to fold it up into sort of a cone to keep the molten cheese from slopping out over the sides. The cheese and sauce sort of turn into a volcanic stew of sweet salty greasy goodness, like a Vesuvius in your hands. If there’s a better, cheaper more flavorful way to spend your money on food, I’d like to know about it! Or would I? 😉


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