Tart Tatin

A Perfect Pie in a Pan For the Upcoming Festivities!

With it being the end of October and all, I am hoping to put out a few recipes that are a classic twist on our beloved Thanksgiving recipes! And so the tart that I am showing you today is a type of apple tart that can be used as a twist of the apple pie. This tart can be perceived as an upside down pie since the crust is baked on top of the pan instead of under the fruit. Warning though, if you are a perfectionist and you are not used to baking and pastry making this will be difficult and you should do this recipe with the knowledge that messing up is okay. For example, I changed my crust up a lot from the classic recipe because I know I am not a pro at pastry making whatsoever. And even with messing up and trying again AND making…

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  1. Osyth says:

    You can’t beat a good Tarte Tatin …. moi, j’adore ça!

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    1. They are a product of delicious simple beauty! Pear with brie & a sprinkle of nutmeg is on the horizon, Osyth! Thank you!!

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