Bacon, Beer & Pecan Toffee Sundaes ~CookingWithAuntJuju

Ice Cream in the winter? Sure if the toppings are bacon bits, toasted pecans and a smooth and delicious bacon infused toffee sauce. Oh, and then there is the stout beer infused with vanilla beans and a sprinkling of sea salt to finish. This is definitely not part of my New Year’s resolution diet but it was […]

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  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Is it rude to lick the screen? Yummy!

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    1. hahaha! Marci! Not if no one is watching! lol! We tried this & it’s amazing! Thanks, hon!

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  2. Osyth says:

    Good grief I could drown in this!

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    1. haha!! We’ll go down with the Captain together, Osyth! It’s perfection!! xoxo

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  3. Madraasi says:

    This looks yum

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    1. It’s so wonderfully sweet & salty! Thanks so much for commenting!

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