Wednesday’s Guest Chefs and Our Recipes: Follower’s Critiques and Photos

1902847_10201872351997393_4318040304613338902_nWednesday’s blogs are now dedicated to Guest Chefs and also pictures and comments of Once Upon a Spice’s recipes prepared by our friends, family & followers! If you are interested in becoming a Guest Chef or have photos and comments about our recipes you have prepared, please contact me for details and share your love and passion for “glorious food!” Buon Appetito!!

This is Once Upon a Spice’s “Una Pentola Pasta Carbonara” prepared, shared and photographed by Jana Young Baron. Here are her comments,

“Delicious .. Pasta Carbonara made with bacon, pine nuts, capers, followed the recipe exactly.. My husband who is Italian absolutely loved it.. Easy to make.. Did not have fresh parsley but will the next time.. Oh also have a mix of regular and whole wheat angel hair pasta.”

Thank you, Jana!! We’re so happy you and your husband enjoyed it! We heard through the grapevine that you both went back for seconds? Meraviglioso!!



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