Italian Savory Pies–Molto Bene!

Torta Pasqualina

Today is dedicated to savory cakes, pies and tarts. In Italy, there are variety of Italian savory cakes, pies and tart recipes for all occasions. They can be served warm or cold, as starter or one-plate meal accompanied with a green salad. The most used ingredients are meats, fish, vegetables and eggs and can be made with a traditional crust, puff-pastry or pizza dough. However, there are many savory cakes and pies that are not encompassed by a savory shell.

Torta Pasqualina
Our Beloved Pizza!


Chicken Pea Mushroom
Chicken Pea & Mushroom Pot Pie

The above are mere tasters of the myriad of Italy’s main course “pies.” Whatever the base of these luscious, innumerable savory works of art they are sure to please even the most discriminating palates. In the coming weeks, we will be exploring and sharing some of ” mia familia’s” treasured favorites! Buon Appetito!


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  1. paul maxhimer says:

    Is that Torta Pasqulina, made with spinach? I sure hope so. 


    1. Hi Paul! Yes, Spinach, ricotta, Parmesan & eggs…all wrapped around pie dough…I’ll have the recipe shortly on the blog, but if you’d like a preview, let me know and I’ll send it on over! Thanks for your comment!!


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