7 Lucky Foods For Friday the 13th; Combat the Bad & Make It Good!


Superstitions abound on this day; the dreaded Friday the 13th. Visions of black cats crossing your path, walking under open ladders, seeing the triple digits 666; all never good to encounter,  but for a February, what with it having fewer days as it is, but it’s not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. There are three Friday the 13ths occurring this year. Many won’t like hearing this, as Friday the 13th is strongly associated with bad luck.  However, let’s combat this day with 7 good luck foods to wash the bad joo joo right out of your hair and satisfy the tummy in return.

Here are the phenomenal 7 to help lead the way…

Fish are believed to be lucky because their scales resemble coins, and they swim in schools which invoke the idea of abundance. Suggestion for good luck:

Bret’s Fresh Clams & Mussels with Pasta Aglio Olio

Ring shaped cakes—sometimes with trinkets baked inside—are a symbol of coming full circle. Indulge a little with this delicious chocolate recipe.


Ricky’s Blue Ribbon Chocolate Bundt Cake

Pigs are a lucky symbol because they root forward, and are rotund. Why not try something more southern and slow cooked?


Gina’s Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

Supposedly greens and green vegetables are eaten because they resemble money and we have to keep our money safe, after all. Try an Italian twist:


Tuscan Panzanella

Beans, like greens, resemble money; more specifically, they symbolize coins. Whether you choose black beans, lentils, or black-eyes peas, healthy fiber-filled beans will help soak up and banish bad luck. Start your feast with the following:


13 Bean Good Luck Pasta e Fagioli

Noodles are symbols of long life, and grains like rice, quinoa, and barley stand for abundance. Slurp the noodles whole for even more good luck. Suggestion:

Best All

Garlic Broccoli Parmesan Pasta Una Pentola: “One Pot”

Mexicans pop berries for good luck. Other popular fruits to eat include pomegranates, with its many seeds standing in for prosperity, and figs, which are a symbol of fertility.

Best Ice Cream

Vary Berry Pie

Pick your favorite one or all!


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