Romany Creams

Beautiful Chocolaty Cremes by my Sweet Friend Lynne!

Lynne's Recipe Trails


OMW …today I had this impulsive urge to bake a batch of Romany Creams.

Several weeks ago I was going through my moms’ old cookery books.  One particular recipe book stood out for me that day.  It was one of those recipe books which had been put together by the parents and staff of the High School where my brother attended many years ago, and then sold in order to raise funds for whatever was required at the time for the school.  The Romany Creams recipe originated from one of the mothers’ of the school who in fact was a family friend of ours and has now sadly passed.  I attempted the recipe that day, but only did half the required quantity.  They were ‘nice’ and I liked them, but they just weren’t one hundred percent. They lacked the crispness of the original Romany Creams.  I was not too sure if…

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  1. Oh Lana, you are such an angel, thank you so much for the re-blog. Truly appreciate it xxx

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    1. My sincerest pleasure, sweet friend! I’ve been ordered by the hierarchy at home to attempt to replicate them! xoxo


  2. I am a terrible baker, but really want to try this recipe!!

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    1. You can do it, Michelle! These cream-filled gems are calling you! Can you hear them beckoning?? lol! Thanks, hon ♥

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  3. Osyth says:

    Oh my life! We buy packets of Gypsy Creams in England but I had never thought of making them …. this could turn into yet another obsession and i’m liking the slight rebrand to a Romany from a Gypsy … somehow a teeny bit more exotic, i feel!

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    1. Gypsy creams sound so mysterious! Do they package them with mini crystal balls? 🙂 Thanks, sweet friend!

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      1. Osyth says:

        I feel I should offer that idea to the marketing team!

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      2. haha! Yes! I agree! And maybe a a written paper fortune for good measure ♥

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      3. Osyth says:



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