A Gorgeous Vintage Apple Pudding Recipe by Sheryl of “A Hundred Years Ago”

I generally like old-fashioned fruit puddings, so I was pleased when I saw a recipe for Apple Pudding in a hundred-year-old cookbook. Most modern apple recipes call for cinnamon and other spices, so I was surprised that this recipe didn’t use any spices. But they weren’t needed–the Apple Pudding was pure apple and delightful. The […]

via Old-Fashioned Apple Pudding — A Hundred Years Ago


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  1. koolaidmoms says:

    I love old-fashioned dishes. I need to try this and look for a few to make soon!

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    1. Oh me too, Marci! It’s time for some culinary time travel! This is so easy & as Sheryl mentioned the flavors are so pure! Thanks a bunch! xoxo

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  2. That looks so delicious! wow a recipe from a 100 year old cookbook!

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    1. I know, Freda! Seems so special! Talk about time tested & tried & true! I’m so glad to see you again! Thanks so much!! xoxo

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      1. Thanks Lana, will be visiting you often now 🙂 xo

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      2. Thanks so much, my friend! And I you! I thought we had lost each other! Not sure why I’ve been missing your blog, but now I’m back! ♥

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      3. Guess we both took an off at the same time , not sure ! Anyways it’s great to be back after the much needed break 🙂


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