Basbousa- Traditional Middle Eastern baked dessert andGod!I love the Sun too

Sweets for the Sweet From Beautiful!

Aromas and Flavors from my Kitchen

wp-1474628824805.jpegTraditional middle eastern Dessert made with semolina

I know I said I am a pluviophile, a rain lover and waxed eloquent about the pleasure of watching the drizzle from an open window munching some delicious hot snacks and how it awakens our senses and the calm and peace which follows and all that…yes..yes..I said all of that in my recent post but I never asked for lashing,pounding,hammering,incessant rains. It has been raining cats and dogs(I would rather say cows and horses) continuosly for more than a week. My beautiful city Hyderabad is battered and inundated due to rains which broke a 16 year record and have brought normal life to a standstill. There is a flood-like situation with vehicles floating in the water in several places.A high alert has been sounded by the weathermen.Schools and several shops have been ordered to shut down.People have been asked to stay indoors until water receded to avoid traffic snarls.I will not post pathetic…

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