Preethi’s Mexican Street Corn! Spicy, Delicious & Flavorful!

Mexican Street foods include tacos, tamales, gorditas, quesadillas, empalmes,tostadas, chalupa, elote, tlayudas, and tortas, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, beverages and soups (menudo, pozole andpancita).Mexican street corn is one of the most famous and easiest recipe that can be enjoyed at the comfort of your home. As a part of our 48th ‪#‎Foodiemonday‬ […]

via Mexican Street Corn — Preethi’sCuisine


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  1. LANA! This is stunningly beautiful. You nailed it! 🍁🍂🌾

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    1. Thanks, Gail! The colors alone speak to us, right?? ♥

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