Love Corn? I Want One! 2014’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets #2 Oxo’s Corn Stripper–Genius?

Oxo’s Corn Stripper

“Knee high by the fourth of July” are my first thoughts when I think of corn’s sweet crunchy and crispy goodness. It is now growing season across the Corn Belt of the United States and with the right mixture of sunshine and rain their majestic, giant stalks, with ears ripe for picking, will be ready by late August.

Sprinkle the gold right into your favorite dish or onto your plate

Get ready for chucking and stripping! This nifty gadget by Oxo will at least make one of your tasks easier! It may well make our beloved, yellow, picnic ears easier to maneuver in the kitchen when making our favorite salsa, casseroles or simply easier for baby to eat.

Easy to open & clean

Oxo’s Good Grip Corn Stripper is #2 on my list of favorite kitchen gadgets—it’s sort of genius! No more intimidating knives, no more half-cut, wasted kernels!

Holds 1/2 cup

Oxo’s claim:

Strips kernels off cobs with stainless-steel blade and soft, non-slip grips

Convenient top opening for emptying kernels

Container separates for easy cleaning; dishwasher-safe

Measures 4-3/4 by 2-3/4 by 2-1/2 inches

This nifty little gadget can be found on Amazon for $13.99 (minus shipping) and ebay for as little as $14.97 shipped. 2 thumbs up!!


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