#8 of 2014’s Top 10 Food Hacks “Cookies & Cream!” Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Make slices from ice cream carton, place on cookie, top with another cookie, peel of carton wrapping. Consume your creamy concoction!

Clever Clever Clever! Be them homemade cookies or bakery made, these semi- homemade ice cream sandwiches will satisfy your sweet tooth and your creativity all at once! Not to mention make you an instant hit at your next bash!

I recommend making more than one ice cream sandwich at a time–simply slice, fill and wrap the ones you can’t devour in one sitting in plastic wrap and freeze. The combinations are endless! Peanut butter cookies with “Peanut Butter Fudge or some Chocolate Therapy” ice cream, Chocolate cookies with “Salted Caramel or Karamel Sutra” ice cream or maybe “Cherry Garcia?” Snickerdoodles with “Cinnamon Buns or Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz” or how about soft (not too soft) Sugar Cookies with a slab of “Phish Food, Red Velvet Cake” or maybe “Peach Cobbler” ice cream? Click the link for more Ben & Jerry’s. How vast is your imagination? You’re about to find out!

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors


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