Halloween “Trick or Treat Decorate & Eat!” Spooky Savories!

Eyeball Pizza: Top with shredded mozzarella, add circles of chopped green and black olives, scatter slivers of red peppers…bake. photo source: hungryhalloween
“Deviled Spider Eggs” Cut black or green olives in halve followed by slices for legs. photo source:theworldaccordingtoeggface
“Mini Mummy Pizzas” Start with English muffin halves add slices of mozzarella over sauce & pepperoni & sliced olives for eyes. photo source:pocketranger
Mummy Dogs, Fingers and Pumpkins. Wrap slices of puff pastry around dogs, bake & add dots of mustard for eyes. Fingers, slices of pastry for almonds as nails. Pumpkins, use a cookie cutter for shapes and fill with your favorite savory or sweet cream cheese spread for the filling.

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