CinniBird: 2015’s Most Noteworthy Kitchen Gadgets

1-Main5No matter how many times we study our bestie barista artfully pour milk into a rich double shot of espresso, we just can’t recreate the foamy graphic as gracefully at home. (It’s a wrist thing, right?). Now this hand-held kitchen gadget is about to erase our latte art envy for good and help us up our presentation of desserts and dinners of all kinds. The chirpy device is called the CinniBird, a pen that lets you draw with granules like ground cinnamon, cocoa and sugar.

2-Main3Espresso drinks, cupcakes and creme brulees are CinniBird’s canvas and herbs + spices are its paint. Just fill up the white drawing instrument with ground natural ingredients, position it over your tastiest treats and press the button to release a steady stream of deliciousness.

SpicesRemember, you eat with your eyes first, so even though this gadget might not seem like a crucial kitchen aid, it will certainly single-handedly earn you major presentation points — and we +1 anything that makes you more creative in the kitchen. Besides decorating your delectables with allspice script, you can use CinniBird to impress your guests by adding artistry to your dishware: Scallop the edges of your dinner plates with parsley, connect the dots between hors d’oeuvres on a party platter with paprika or sketch a smiley face with basil around the rim of your S.O.’s tomato soup bowl 🙂

4-Main-1Don’t freak about free-handing it, though. The three person team behind CinniBird is set to develop a companion app that would act as a digital design template. The plan is for it to recognize the edge of whatever you so choose to CinniBird on and project a pre-loaded outline on your screen for you to “trace” IRL. Total perk.

0-Featured4Other uses for CinniBird? We can think of a few. Use it in place of messy frosting bags to “ice” a birthday cake. Or fill it with your signature spice rub and use it to season your steaks and other barbecue masterpieces without getting your hands dirty. We even bet the quirky contraption could act as a way for the kids to get involved in the culinary action without putting anything sharp or breakable in their tiny hands. Get yours on CinniBird or Amazon for just $35.



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