Frozen Concoctions!

gummy pops
Gummy Bears in Sprite or other clear citrus beverages

Remember Ice Pops as a kid? Even still? These frosty gadgets place a curve into ice twists as we once knew them. You can make your own personalized versions with these clever doodads; adding all sorts of ingredients to you liking. Juices, sodas, spirits, fruit, herbs and spices, even candies. Place them in drinks to create different flavors or simply not to dilute your favorite beverages.

Suggestions: How about Strawberry Margarita pops with slices of strawberry and lime? Apple juice with thin wedges of apples and a sprinkle of cinnamon? Vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries and mini chocolate chips?  The list is as endless as your creativity!  Here are what some of the companies have to say about their ingenious products.

Ice Pops with Reusable Silicone Jackets

Silicone Design’s

Silicone Popsicle Molds, Ice Pop Molds and Ice Pop Maker, Set of 6, See-thru Clear Tubes and Color Tops, Free Recipes, Homemade Smoothie and Commercial Popsicle Molds, BPA Free, Ice Cream and Freezer Pop, Make Pedialyte Freezer Pops for Kids and Toddlers, Soap Mold, Large Ice Cube Sticks, Veggie Cup, Healthy Snacks for Kids, Lifetime Warranty $15.95

Fill with juice, soda, fruit, spirits or herbs…freeze, enjoy then toss!


Contains 100 bags per package. Non stick and easy slides pops out from bags! Make various sizes of pops – 2oz (25% filled), 4oz (50% filled), 6oz (75% filled), etc.

Meets FDA/USDA specifications for food contacts – 100% Virgin LDPE Resin.

Manufactured with a durable bottom seal for leaking prevention. Top can be tied with a simple knot prior to freeze the bag.

Transform fruits juices, veggies juices, yogurts, and smoothies into frozen snacks

Grab and Go Frozen treats! No more clean up, mess, missing parts of molds! Perfect for summer camps or pool activities! $8.95 for 100

Frozen Orbs won’t dilute your beverage

PT Silicone Ice Ball Molds

Set of 4 ice balls in 4 colors, Freeze ice balls with ingredients such as small fruits, herbs mint or food coloring. Perfect for all year round drinks and cocktails.

They chill your drink evenly and melt slowly so your drink doesn’t get diluted.

Made of durable BPA-free food-grade silicone

Makes 2″ diameter ice balls

Includes 4 colored ice mold

Dishwasher safe $15.95

Question; can you live without them? Of course! Do you want to? That answers is entirely up to you. 🙂

Gummy Bear Pops Compliments of weheartit


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  1. Mary Rose says:

    Oh what fun! Kids of all ages will love them 🙂


    1. Thanks, Mary!! I agree! 🙂


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