I Want One! 2014’s Top Rated Kitchen Gadgets #7 A Personal Favorite! “Good Grips Bladed Meat Tenderizer” by OXO


Who doesn’t want to continuously enjoy the juiciest cuts of meat, yet not pay exceedingly exorbitant prices? In the past I’ve tolerated many a rubbery, tough and dry cut and years ago went on a quest for something to enhance my meat-eating experiences. I’ve been using this simple and very effective tool for years and it’s still as efficient as the first day I brought it home. I’ve used this handy little tool for not only steaks and tougher cuts of beef, but chicken, pork and lamb as well. Utilizing it will enhance the uses of marinades as well. Always 2 Thumbs up, hands down!

NOTE: Reduce Cooking Time When Using This Tool! 

Oxo 1

Here are Oxo’s details:

*Sharp, durable blades create pockets to reduce marinating and cooking time, allowing meat to retain its natural juices and promoting uniform cooking

*Recessed toggle lock keeps blades covered for safe, compact storage and won’t unlock on its own

*Clear base and straight edges make it easy to see where blades have been and serve as a guide for even tenderization

Contoured shape and non-slip grip provides comfort while stamping

Top can be removed for thorough cleaning, top-rack dishwasher safe. Price $19.99



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackson says:

    I thought OXO was a little cube in silver paper. Who knew!


    1. “A rose by any other name…” I’m still curious about what peeler means 🙂 Thanks, Jackson!


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