#6 of 2014’s Top 10 Food Hacks “The Cheese Roll-Up”


White bread, flatten & cut crusts

Done properly (and this ain’t rocket science) these cheesy little roll-ups can save you in a pinch at an impromptu dinner party or when you’re simply looking to satisfy a late-night hunger attack. Inexpensive white bread is actually preferred for these saucy little cylinders. However, don’t skimp on the cheese–leave the inedible plastic-wrapped plastic cheese in the dairy section on the shelves where they belong. Choose cheese slices, that when melted, ooze from the opening and string and snap when bitten. You know, the ones with names you can’t pronounce. It’s time to get introduced because you’re missing out! Let’s start here, shall we?

Lay slices on flattened bread, roll, fry surface until golden…use half butter and half olive oil for best taste. Keep the flame low or the outcome will be charcoal & not gold 🙂
Sprinkle with dried Italian herbs, use a good quality tomato-based soup or sauce for dipping, plate & enjoy!



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  1. bill says:

    these could easily be turned into Chinese Spring Rolls

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    1. Oh? Do tell, Bill! Sounds wonderful!


  2. Bill says:

    Off the top of my head, never having made them: roll out as shown, fill with fried veg such as bean sprouts, mushroom slices, slivers of capsicum, and or slivers of meat, add a sprinkling of grated cheese, make into cylinders, fry as shown and use some Tabasco in the dipping sauce.

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    1. Yum! And a few drops of sesame oil for good measure! Thanks for your comments, Bill! I learn from each one!


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