Baked Piroshki with Potato & Beef (Пирожки в духовке с картошкой) — PetersFoodAdventures

Baked Piroshki is simply the plural form of the Russian word pirozhok, meaning small pie. This recipe is a bunch of small meat pies, but adding everyones favourite carb, the potato. They are also sometimes called Pirozhki, or Pierogi, Piroghi, depending of what part of Eastern Europe you’re from. They were introduced by the USSR…

via Baked Piroshki with Potato & Beef (Пирожки в духовке с картошкой) — PetersFoodAdventures


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  1. Osyth says:

    I ate many wonderful dumplings and little pies in Russia and in fact I make Polish Pierogies from time to time but with my own rather French filling. I love the idea of these baked instead of fried and I’m ready to give them a try (and even to go with the very Russian filling too – it’s like a Cornish Pasty in some sense which are a guilty pleasure of mine!)

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    1. I love Cornish Pasties! I think of them every time I make Piroshki. Come to think of it I think of Piroshki every time I make Cornish Pasties! 😉 Your French filling intrigues me! Care to share? Thanks so much! xoxo!

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      1. Osyth says:

        Of course! I just finely chop mushrooms, squish in some minced garlic and some finely chopped parsley and away I go … the last lot had a little too much garlic and husband declared he couldn’t taste the mushrooms but since I rarely measure anything (too excitable and impetuous, I am) I can’t really do more than say it’s probably about 1 or 2 fat cloves to 8 oz of mushroom is about right and parsley to taste – in France that is a LOT! He doesn’t eat cooked cheese hence finding an alternative with a good hit of flavour!

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      2. Thanks so much, Osyth! I will fill them with your recipe the very next time I make them…YUM! I love cheese, but with all of these wonderful ingredients who needs it?? Maybe just a touch of Gruyere? lol!

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      3. Osyth says:

        I intend to make them with cheese when his nibs travels later in the month. It’s always a melted cheesefest chez moi when he’s away!!!


  2. That looks a bit nice… I am going to keep that one in mind 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Franck! My sister’s version includes a bit of buttery fried cabbage. They’re wonderful!

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